A course designed to help you learn HTML & CSS from scratch.

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Build professional websites.

HTML & CSS are the the two essential languages for making a website...a website. Learning HTML & CSS will pay itself forward time and time again.

This course takes you on the next step of your journey towards code-driven freedom. Empower yourself as a modern-day professional using Hello HTML & CSS as your guide.

The basics...

What is HTML?

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser.

TL;DR; HTML is the way stuff gets rendered into a web browser.

What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are a style sheet language used for the presentation layer of HTML.

TL;DR; CSS what makes HTML look HOT!

Why learn HTML & CSS?

Both HTML and CSS are the foundational languages of modern websites. Without them there would be no web pages to look at on that computer or phone of yours. HTML, CSS, and the internet help people become more informed. Having knowledge of each language will produce in-demand skills no matter what career path you chose or are already a part of.

What you'll learn
in this course

In no particular order...

  • How to take a static design and translate it to code.
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  • How to pick and customize your favorite code editor.
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  • How to debug CSS and HTML in your browser of choice.
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  • Best practices for making HTML and CSS more accessible for those with disabilities.
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  • Advanced CSS patterns and effects including animations, transitions, and interactions.
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  • Code formatting best practices and patterns.
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  • Installing, configuring, and customizing a code editor.
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  • Popular conventions modern designers and developers abide by.
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  • The basics of responsive design and what conventions designers and developers use.
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  • What SVGs are and when to reach for them.
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  • Pointers for pairing color, fonts, and layouts in a web design.
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  • Fundamental semantic HTML & CSS.
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  • Popular ways of writing CSS and how to choose which one works best for you.
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  • What CSS variables are and how to use them.
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  • How to build high-quality websites using real projects as your guide.
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  • What CSS "flexbox" and CSS "grid" are and why they matter.
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  • What webfonts are and how to use them in your projects.
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  • How and where to put your HTML & CSS projects on the internet.
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  • How to purchase a custom domain name and host your website using it.
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  • When to reach for popular HTML & CSS frameworks.
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  • When to reach for help and how to do so when you get stuck.
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  • Tips and advice for furthering your skills.
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  • Where to go after this course.
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    And so much more

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if you are looking to learn enough code to build professional websites.

Additionally, there are many platforms that enable you to leverage a β€œno-code” approach toward building your website. Unfortunately, many of these tools still come with the expectation that you have at least some experience with coding. Each no-code tool also has a learning curve.

πŸ‘‡ Below are only some of the perks of knowing HTML and CSS πŸ‘‡

Feel more confident making changes to:

  • WordPress websites
  • Wix websites
  • Squarespace websites
  • Weebly websites
  • Carrd websites
  • Mailchimp email templates
  • Mailerlite email templates
  • ConvertKit email templates
  • Shopify themes
  • There are seriously endless use cases...

These no-code tools become much easier to use and understand:

  • Webflow
  • Carrd
  • Bubble
  • Landing pages in Mailchimp
  • Draftium
  • Amazon Honeycode
  • Websites by Mailerlite
  • LeadPages
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • and a boat load more...

Simply put, having knowledge of HTML & CSS will allow you to do more on the internet.

You may even find that after this course you don't need no-code tools to do what you're truly after.πŸ”₯

Learn by doing

No single course, book, tutorial, or mentor can make you a skilled HTML & CSS expert in a short amount of time. (This course included).

Applying what you learn from this course beyond the scope of this course will be what makes you more proficient. It takes time, practice, and consistency.
Are you ready to put in the work?

Preview coming soon
Project 1

Restaurant website

A custom menu and website design for a high-rated sushi restaurant.

Preview coming soon
Project 2

News publication website

A news aggregator focused on displaying lots of content all at once.

Preview coming soon
Project 3 + Bonus content

Instagram clone

Build a custom version of a instagram-like application. Mobile-first from the ground up.

Preview coming soon
Project 4 + Bonus content

Creator community platform

A custom community application for podcasters. Interact, share, and connect with your podcast audience.

Projects are subject to change


This all sounds cool but how much is it?

I believe helping others become more empowered with the web is one thing I wouldn't want to restrict. There is a pay what you want option that gets you the whole course minus some bonus content and the private community. Additionally, there will be a premium tier which unlocks everything.

TL;DR; – Expect there to be two tiers.

Tier 1: Pay what you want

Get the full course minus all bonus content and access to the private Hello HTML + CSS community

Tier 2: Premium

Get the full course with unlimited access to future updates. Get all bonus content and an invite to the private Hello HTML + CSS community

When will the course launch?

I'm still working on figuring that part out. If you subscribe below I'll email you when it's ready. As a subscriber, there is a good chance you might hear about it before others πŸ˜‰.

I've never coded anything before. Should I take this course?

This course is designed with an absolute beginner in mind. We'll take an in-depth look at each language (HTML & CSS). After some basics, we will use them to build real-world professional projects. You won't be an expert at the end of the course but you should come away with more confidence to dig into your own projects and see success.

What if this course isn't what I had hoped?

If you got the course and paid something for it you will get a refund. I want you to feel like you got your worth so I completely get it if it's not for you. Maybe it's my style of teaching, my voice, shirt color, face, or browser choice that bugs you. It doesn't matter what it is you'll be refunded πŸ‘.

What comes with the course?

This course consists primarily of screencasts with instruction. I'll be building each project along with you and give you more information about why things work the way they do. Check out my YouTube Channel for examples of my style. Many courses will gloss over important details or even omit all mistakes. In my opinion, making mistakes is how you learn so I want to make sure those aren't left in the dust.

In terms of ordering, we'll take a look at foundational concepts in greater depth and then put those concepts to use by building out a collection of example projects. You'll get a good grasp of using both HTML & CSS in unison as well as learn some tips from me when it comes to building web pages more efficiently.

I have another question

Questions are good! You can contact me here contact me here.

Who am I?

That's Andy Leverenz, the author of this course

Hey! I’m Andy Leverenz a.k.a. @justalever.

I’m an author, designer, developer, father, and guitarist from the midwestern U.S.A.

You may know me from my YouTube Channel, because I work as a Product Designer at @memberful (previously @dribbble), my previous course called Hello Rails, or because I run web-crunch.com in my free time ( holy crap...what free time? πŸ˜‚).

I'm a person with an entrepreneurial mindset who loves to teach, share, collaborate, and ultimately expand my knowledge on anything. This course is my second major course with my first being on Ruby on Rails. I have been teaching for over a few years on my YouTube Channel and blog.

I hope you will consider joining me on your own journey towards learning HTML & CSS which are the foundational languages all web developers need to know.

I’ve written articles for Elegant Themes, Web Designer Depot, Web-Crunch and have been featured on the blogs of Adobe and Dribbble.

I’ve also written books. Check out LUXD: Learn User Experience Design and Pro Tumblr Theming

And finally my personal website: justalever.com

Have questions, concerns, feedback, favorite colors? Head here to get in touch with me directly.

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